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Tips for Choosing a Trustworthy Body Shop Providing Collision Repairs for RVs, Motorcoaches, and Larger Commercial Vehicles

We all know that we are not experts on collision repair on what keeps the magic of motors running and unfortunately, it’s no secret auto body professionals are in a great position to take us for a ride. We depend on the trust of a body shop that has integrity with a team that will help us along the way and helps guide us through a situation that is already stressful. But we really worry about the end results. Are we getting the repairs promised to us? Are the repairs going to cost us some astronomical amount just because we are clueless as to what goes into the repair process? At least we have the option to choose the body shop of our choice and possibly who our insurance company recommends from experience.

These concerns hold true when you’re looking for professional RV, motorcoach or commercial vehicle service and repairs. In fact, in many cases, it’s even more expensive. These vehicle components are super costly to replace and not always easy to fix… not to mention the hassle of even getting it to the body shop in the first place. Let’s face it these kinds of repairs are expensive but getting a fair quote and quality work is the goal here.

Affordable Repair
Whether you buy brand new or a vintage rig, breakdowns, and issues are part of the package, which is why smart large vehicle owners always build some repair expenses into their budget. It is bound to happen. People will tell you to DIY on YouTube or fix the small stuff yourself, but we do not recommend doing this unless you’re really confident you won’t get 10 miles down the road and things start going wrong. Whether it’s mechanical or body related, it is important to have a professional give you their recommendations. Obviously, with large collision issues, I doubt you will be traveling anywhere but even small body damage can lead to other issues with wear and tear.

Ask the Locals!
Whether you’re in your own town or you run into trouble at your destination, the best way to get a feel for which RV, motorcoach or large vehicle repair shops and service centers are reputable is to… well, learn about their reputation. Luckily, again, the internet makes it much easier to do this than it used to be! Look at review and be sure to read them to be sure they are legit. Visit online review sites such as Carwise®, Yelp, Google®, and Facebook® and do your research before choosing a body shop that has reputable repairs for these kinds of vehicles.

Equipment Matters
It’s not only the technicians that matter and knowledge. You have to have the right tools. Be sure to ask what collision repair equipment they have and do your research. Take a tour of the shop if you have to. Also, look at their qualifications and certifications to be sure that the proper training has been done and implemented within the team. Spending money on repairs for any vehicles, small or large, is an investment. You would not walk into a doctor’s office unless you knew they had a legit license and you had taken the time to do online research on their bio, as well as an office that was clean, with the right tools and equipment to do the job efficiently and in a timely matter. Yes, Equipment really matters.

At Brown’s Collision & Coachworks is family-owned and operated and has been providing the Fulton/ Montgomery counties and surrounding Capital Region communities automotive repair needs for over half a century! As a third-generation family owned business, you can trust the experienced team at Brown’s Collision & Coachworks.

Brown’s Collision & Coachworks utilizes leading-edge equipment offering our clients the most sophisticated collision repair solutions available on the market today. Our 16,000-square foot, state-of-the-art collision repair shop is equipped to service all makes and models of cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorcoaches, buses and commercial vehicle repairs.

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