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Defensive Driving Courses in Amsterdam, New York – Get Discounts on Your Insurance

Have you ever thought about how a defensive driving course could help you? Did you even know they exist? We don’t really think about these things when we’re in a hurry to get somewhere or rushing from one place to the next. Motor vehicle accidents statewide in New York, found in the last statistical report posted in 2014 were 299,542, and 966 of those were fatal according to the DMV. You don’t want to be on the statistical list, as well as an insurance company’s bad driver list, or even worse getting dropped. It could only become a hassle finding insurance but extremely expensive. It’s important to be aware and educated on what you can do to prevent an accident. These skills could save our life or someone else’s life.

Here are some defensive tips you may go over in a defensive driving course:

Keep A Distance

A huge part of defensive driving is keeping your distance. If you see a dangerous driver, an obstacle like a fallen tree, or children playing keeping your distance is key to having enough time to stop and avoid a bad situation.

Hazards – Be on the Lookout

A good defensive driver is capable of looking ahead while driving and anticipating any potential hazards in the road ahead of them. Be on the lookout for dangerous drivers, potholes, or children that might run out into the road.

Check Your Blind Spots

Being aware of blind spots is one of the most important responsibilities that a driver has. Checking yours before you turn is a smart idea, but often it can be dangerous, so it is up to the driver behind to keep out of that area.

Keep Calm

Aggressive drivers are dangerous drivers. When someone is driving aggressively, they do not make decisions that are safe for those around them. So, if you encounter an aggressive driver on the road, be sure to keep calm and keep your distance.

Cut Out Distractions

The main causes of most serious accidents are a direct result of driving under the influence or driving distracted.  Put your phone away, and make sure that you have had plenty of sleep before you take to the road. A good driver does not get distracted.

Take a Course 

A good way to home your driving skills can be to take a defensive driving course, which can be done online relatively easily. Brown’s Collision & Coachworks offers a Defensive Driving Course if you’re looking for one in the Amsterdam, NY and surrounding areas. It’s worth it to gain the knowledge, skills, and add an educational course to your driving record. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Don’t Break the Law

Common sense here. Don’t break the law, don’t speed, and follow the road rules. Do that and you’ll be smooth sailing.

Keep Up to Date on Repairs

A safe driver drives a safe car. Keep up to date on any necessary repair. A car that has poor maintenance will more than likely end up a road hazard at some point.

Drive Passively

This goes along with defensive driving. Being a passive driver -vs- an aggressive one keeps you out of trouble and out of harm’s way. Slow down, driving the speed limit and keep a calm attitude regardless of the situation. A defensive driver does not overreact or overthink things.

Avoid Heavy Traffic

If you have a lot of trouble driving safely, avoiding heavy, rush hour traffic may be the best way to keep safe while you improve your driving skills.

Research defensive driving courses in your area for discounts and other incentives for taking the course, but most of all to enhance your knowledge and skills on the road. Here are the discounts and general  information for the  Brown’s Collision & Coachworks Defensive Driving Course:

Save 10% off liability, no-fault and collision premiums for three years.

Point Reductions: You can reduce up to 4 points from your driving record for an infraction that occurred within 18 months of course completion.

Who Can Attend: Any licensed driver who is a principal driver on an insurance policy can attend. If you have many principal drivers on your policy everyone will receive the discount saving hundreds of dollars per year, per household.

Here are some upcoming available dates for the Brown’s Collision & Coachworks Defensive Driving Course:

Tuesday, August 13th & Thursday, August 15th

Tuesday, September 3rd & Thursday, September 5th

Tuesday, October 1st & Thursday, October 3rd

Tuesday, November 5th & Thursday, November 7th

Tuesday, December 3rd & Thursday, December 5th

To Register Call Frank at 518.725.7424


The Defensive Driving Course is only offered at the Amsterdam location.

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