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A Must Know: Windshield Repair Versus Replacement

It can happen at any moment….a rock bounces off your windshield, leaving a good size chip right in front of your face. Not only does it obstruct your view, but if it’s like other rock chips you’ve received, it’ll soon sprout cracks that spread like wildfire obstructing your view.

There was a time when a chip or crack in your windshield meant replacement was necessary with no questions asked. That’s no longer the case. Modern technology and new innovative collision repair tools make it possible to repair windshields that would have previously been scrapped. Not only does this save your windshield, but it also saves you money.

Brown’s Collision and Brown’s Collision & Coachworks frequently receive the same common concern – “Will windshield repair cost less than windshield replacement?” If it can be repaired, the answer is yes—assuming you get it into the shop soon, before the damage spreads and before debris finds its way into the existing damaged glass.

Windshield repair can cut your costs by a significant amount compared to auto glass replacement. Here are some of the types of damage that can usually be repaired for a minimal cost. (compared to a higher cost for auto glass replacement):

  • Quarter-sized rock chips
  • Cracks up to 12 inches long
  • Star breaks (cracks radiating from a central point)
  • Bullseyes and partial bulls eyes (circular or semicircular damaged caused by a round object)
  • Crack chips and dings (size of a quarter)
  • Pits (small piece of glass that has been chipped off or is missing).

More severe damage—or a crack near the edge of the glass typically requires a windshield replacement, but every situation is different. Part of the glass repair technician’s job is to make sure the repair doesn’t obstruct your vision or weaken the windshield. But when an auto glass repair is an option, it’s a great way to avoid the high cost of a windshield replacement. Our team replaces all makes and models, foreign and domestic cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, motorcoaches and commercial vehicles. In this case for larger vehicles, whether they are used for work or leisure, it is important to get the right assessment on whether to replace or repair the glass due to the cost associated with larger vehicles.

Also, be aware that it may not be recommended to repair a chip that appears directly in the driver’s line of vision. Because the repair process leaves minor distortions in the glass, sometimes it’s a safety recommendation to replace the windshield rather than compromise the driver’s vision.

Do you have a chip in your windshield that needs to be repaired or glass replacement? Our team can assess the extent of the glass damage and recommend what would be best in your situation. The sooner you repair your minor chip, the better. You can actually save time and money down the road. Windshield repair for your car, truck, SUV, RV, motorcoach or commercial vehicle is best managed by a qualified auto glass installer. Brown’s Collision and Brown’s Collision & Coachworks has a dedicated team to assist you with all of your auto glass needs.